These regulations are to protect both our students and teachers so please read carefully.

The shala will be cleaned regularly between classes including door handles.
We have a new ventilation system which will run during classes and used at a higher power between classes to completely clear the air.

We are limited on space with distancing mats so booking classes is now essential.

• Please use the hand sanitizers provided before and after practice

• Your temperature will be taken as you arrive and if it is over the suggested limit you will not be allowed into the shala.

• Please do not come to the Shala if you or anyone in your home is unwell. This could be high temperature, coughs, colds, sore throats and in children COVID-19 is presenting as high temps, unexplained rashes, diarrhea and lethargy. You will be turned away if you have a cough/cold or high temperature.

• Please allow 14 days isolation from the shala after flying anywhere.

• Yoga mats and props will not be provided. Please bring your own mat and clean it regularly

• Please wash before coming to the shala and wear clean clothes to practice in.

• Bring your own water spray bottle if needed

• The waiting area/entrance is limited to two people. Please wait outside if it is full. There is a sheltered area towards the back of the shala.

• Adjustments will be very limited compared to before. You will be given a card to place at the end of your mat if you do not wish to have physical adjustments that day.

• Keep your area as tidy as possible. Leave all your belongings outside the main room apart from your yoga mat and spray bottle if needed

• Let us know any concerns you might have about space between mats etc

• Chatting/catch ups please take outside the shala if there are other people waiting to practice or getting ready to leave. Keep your distance.

• The requirement to wear a face covering has been extended to everyone using hospitality services. Businesses will be fined and could be closed if they breach the rules. For your own safety and health, face coverings must be worn at all times in the shala except when seated on a mat to practice.

• We have some vulnerable yogis practicing amongst us, please think of them as well as other classmates. We are one big family and need to protect and look out for each other.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all most sincerely for your continued support and understanding during these unpredictable and challenging times.