I have never done any yoga before; are your classes suitable for me?

Yes! Mysore style is the best and safest way for beginners to take up yoga as you will get one on one attention from an experienced teacher and move at a pace that is suitable for you.

I have an illness/injury; is this practice suitable for me?

We have many students that come to us with illness and injury. Yoga is not exclusive to a certain few, yoga is for everyone! Mysore classes are designed so that we can give you a practice to fit your needs and provide you with daily support as you progress. The practice offers improvement in wellbeing and often reduces the symptoms of illness and injury.

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I am too old, too young, too weak, too stiff etc. Are your classes suitable for me?

Yoga is for everyone! We have students that are teenagers as well as students in their eighties. We have students that are athletes and we have students that have spent 30 years on the couch. Mysore classes will give you a practice that meets your needs and through this practice deliver its benefits. Improved all round wellbeing is the most quoted affect of this practice.

I’m nervous as it’s my first time. Will you expect me to be able to do everything?

We expect nothing from you! If you already knew everything, we’d have nothing to teach you. Everybody is nervous before they first come. There is always fear of the unknown! From our experience, nobody ever regrets coming and when they do come, people wish they had come sooner. We want you to enjoy your experience at Ashtanga Yoga Essex and it is our passion to share this practice with you. Please get in contact with us here with any questions you have and we will try our best to put you at ease. You are even welcome to come along and watch before you try it yourself.

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What will happen at my first class?

You will be welcomed into the shala by our experienced teachers. There will likely be other students in the classroom who have already begun their practice. We will help you find a space and lay out a mat for practice (these are available at the shala if you don’t have your own). The teacher will then spend some one on one time with you, find out a little about you and guide you through a simple asana (posture) practice. This will be at pace and level that is suitable for you. Once you have finished the practice, it is traditional to lie down on your mat. You can lay down for as long as you wish. Your first class will likely take 30-45 minutes. Our aim for this first class is that you leave on a high with confidence in yourself and your new found practice.

What should I wear? Do I need my own mat?

You should wear clothes that allow comfortable movement and you are ok to sweat in. Gymwear works well. After a few classes you will be more confident in knowing what works for you. It is a barefoot practice so footwear is not important. 
There are mats available at the shala for you to use. Good practice is to bring a hand towel with you for sweat.